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Our core objective at Cosmo 21 Beauty Salon & Spa is to bring the blend of celebrity touch to each and every one and make them beautiful, elegant and confident. Our prices are very competitive and matches with Industry Market standards.

Our Beauty Product

Our Beauty Product


Flagship Services

  • Skin Irregularities.
  • Young Looking
  • Keratin

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Our Flagship Services

Flagship Services

  • Skin Irregularities.
  • Young Looking.
  • Magic Sleek

Skin Irregularities.

FLAWLESS SKIN In just one simple treatment

It is Fast, Easy & Affordable It is Safe, Non – Invasive treatment that Permanently Removes Common Skin irregularities.

Young Looking.

Pro Facial In just one simple treatment

Basically everyone wants to have young looking skin. Some people are young, so they naturally have skin that looks and feels youthful.

Magic Sleek.

Magic Sleek creates beautifully straight results lasting up to six month

Magic Sleek is a formaldehyde-freeMagic Sleek system composed of a variety of vitamins and tropical

Our Flagship Services Benefits

  • Fast, Easy & Affordable.
  • Safe non-invasive treatment.
  • Permanently removes common.
  • By looking in moisture softens hair.
  • Using environment friendly products.

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Client Testimonials

  • I visit cosmo21salon and I'm sooooo happy with my hair and how the staff treat the client , lovely experience and my hair became young again 😉 in recommend

    Lydia Greenway
    Lydia Greenway
  • "This morning after putting on my floral day cream I stepped outside to get something and the morning winds blew the fragrance of it all around my face. For a second I looked to see where the flowers were. So nice!

    Jos Buttler
    Jos Buttler