Our core objective at Cosmo 21 Beauty Salon is to bring the blend of celebrity touch to each and every one and make them beautiful, elegant and confident. Our prices are very competitive and matches with Industry Market standards.

Types Of Makeup Provided By Cosmo21

Regular Make-Up

Most of the women use natural makeup now because it basically takes the features that already exist on the female face. Cosmo21 enhances them to perfect. It made looks to stay true to skin, and lip tones that are already in place, but also draw focus onto different parts of the face.


Wearing party makeup is to look bold and sexy.You may want to wear sparkling or glittery eye shadow at night because it will create a nice look when the lights dance off it.Fake a glow by applying a powder highlighter just in the right areas.


Prom makeup is different than a lot of makeup, it is important to abide by formal eye makeup tips if you plan to get a prom look ,because it could make or break your dance.

Bridal Makeup

Bride has dreams of looking perfect on her wedding day.So bridal makeup is such an important style to get makeup advice on.purpose of makeup is to have the bride look natural and completely stunning all at the same time.

Bridal Trail

Cosmo21 has also provice bridal trail. Because every bride has dreams of looking perfect on her wedding day.That is why bridal makeup is such an important style. bridal makeup is to have the bride look natural, sexy, and completely stunning.

Sweet 16

There are special occasions in a young woman’s life with special parties and one of the most celebrated is the Sweet 16.

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