What is Waxing?

Waxing is a hair removal method which is semi-permanent in nature and removes the hair from the root. It will take around two to eight weeks for new hair to grow back; however, in some individuals, there is re-growth in a week. Almost all the areas of the body can be waxed such as eyebrows, face, legs, arms, back, abdomen, bikini area and feet. There are different types of waxing for removing unwanted hair. Waxing should be done by a trained aesthetician. There are some areas which require a licensed/trained cosmetologist or aesthetician to perform waxing.

Strip Waxing

Strip waxing is done by spreading a wax combination in a thin layer over the skin. A paper strip or cloth is then applied and pressed on the wax layer, then ripped/jerked off in the opposite direction of hair growth using quick movement. Hair is removed along with the wax. Strip wax can be made at home also using water lemon juice, honey and sugar.

Hot Waxing

Hot waxing is done using hot wax. Here the wax is applied in a some what thick layer (when compared to strip wax). The wax is then allowed to cool down and it hardens as it cools down and is removed by the therapist without using the cloth or paper strips removing hair along with the wax. People who have sensitive skin are recommended this waxing method.

Hard Wax

Work in small sections until familiar with the procedures involved. Allow wax to cool on skin until it becomes soft and pliable. Hold skin taut and pull off wax with one quick motion in opposite direction of hair growth keeping hardened wax as close to the skin as possible.

Hard wax is removed without strips.” In general, hard wax is used to remove hair in the bikini, underarm and face area; soft wax is used on larger areas of the body such as the leg or armpit.

UNDER ARMS $12 & up
HALF HAND $15 & up
FULL HAND $30& up
HALF LEGS $30 & up
FULL LEGS $50 & up
CHEST $20 & up
ABDOMEN $20 & up
BIKINI LINE $15 & up
BIKINI $35 & up
BRAZILIAN $50 & up